Team Stats

Total Members: 4
Nation's Represented: 4
Languages Spoken: 3

Anna Downey

Principal Director, Artist Media Agency
Co-Founder, Finding Aldea
Creative and Entrepreneur, Anna is the spark behind Finding Aldea. On the ground in Spain, or running recruitment in London, if you get involved with Finding Aldea, expect to meet Anna.


 Paulo Ricca

Principal Technologist, Artist Media Agency
Co-Founder, Finding Aldea
Paulo provides the technical chops to Finding Aldea. A Doctor of Computer Science, he has specialized in the Internet of Things, a domain he'll apply to Finding Aldea's development, revitalizing and redesigning abandoned communities into the new paradigm of "Smart Villages".

Aaron Perlmutter

Co-Founder, Finding Aldea
Aaron headed the initial ground expedition for Finding Aldea, traveling throughout Spain and Portugal for several months, meeting with town halls, real estate agents, and friendly locals along the path. His training is in computational social science, with long bouts of traveling in time off.

Alice Cornell

Co-Founder, Finding Aldea
Alice has been lead adviser to the Finding Aldea project from the beginning, combining her taste for exotic co-working locations with her expertise in marketing campaigns. Full-time, she is Director of Email Deliverability at